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April 17 2011

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It really is a long drive ahead. A drive to heaven.

AJ Perez’s last tweet. Rest in peace, the crush I never had and never will get to see since I was 12.


Dear AJ Perez, enjoy heaven.

Wow, death really is a sneaky thief. We never see it coming.

I don’t want to cry. He was a promising actor. He was just too young to leave the world, at age 18. He seems to be a fan of number 17. He died earlier this morning at 12:20AM, April 17 2011. He was born on 17th of February 1993. His twitter account was ajperez17. And his jersey number was, you guessed it, 17. I can’t help but remember Rico Yan.

This was his last tweet. An hour before he had to face death.

You know sometimes, I just feel God is so unfair. He takes away the good ones too early. And make the bad guys — the criminals, rapists, murderers — stay longer. But I guess, He’s giving them a chance. To turn their life around, be good and be happy with life in a good way. 

Still, this is another lesson learned. Each day, we wake up, taking everything for granted. Reminds me about a quote I really love.

Nothing lasts forever. So live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances, and never have regrets, because at one point, everything you did was exactly what you wanted.

April 16 2011


It has been a month since my last post here. I’m entering high school now. There’s not much to say, actually. I don’t know. I just hope this time, I’ll finally turn my life around — for the better, of course. My last twelve years had not been that much productive. I’m still that four-year-old everybody calls fat and ugly.

I don’t know what else to put in here, apart from all the ranting about how sucked up my life is. I’ll edit this later. Or anytime sooner.

Or maybe not at all.

March 28 2011


Dad told me a while ago that the internet ruined my brother’s life. All because he thinks that my bro being on the internet too much made him fail his subjects in college. And he told me that I’m going to be just like him: be a failure in college.

And all the time I was like:

I WAS POKERFACE FOR YOU ALL WHO DON’T GET IT. Dad’s calling me now. I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow, sunshine! :*


I’m going to prepare things for the day next to tomorrow. Graduation. And I still have an editorial piece and writers’ paperworks to do. Ugh, freshman year, please be good to me. Thanks.

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Sometimes, I just feel like nothing.

I don’t know why I’m like this. One minute, I get soo happy and cheerful. Then the next, I’m the complete opposite. I think I’m insane or something. Well, that’s if I’m still thinking right.

I badly want to cry. But I guess my tears just ran out.

March 26 2011

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March26th, 8:30PM to 9:30PM is Earth Hour in PH and neighboring countries. :)

**Queued post @ 9PM. 30MINUTES has elapsed since start of Earth Hour.


It’s 26th March; 8:28PM in here — it’s Earth Hour in Philippines! :)

Earth Hour is just two minutes away! Let’s all turn off electric devices tonight for Mother Earth. Save energy for at least an hour… and beyond. We’ve used nature for our advantage, it’s time for a little pay back. Participate in Earth Hour tonight — or tomorrow, depending on where in the world you are.

A quiet dashboard for 60 minutes = a big help to save the Earth.

Click for more on Earth Hour PH.

**Queued post. This is my 100th post, btw. :D

March 25 2011

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 I’ve had this photo folded up in my wallet for over 2 years. It stayed there through the smiles, the tears, the arguing, the silence, and the months of isolation. Though there were days and weeks and months filled with sorrow and disappointment, this photo fueled my inspiration, motivation, and determination for everything my life consists of today. 2/20/09 was the day my life began. 7/7/09 was the day it ended. 4/18/10 was the day I learned to hate the military once again. 8/20/10 was the day my heart healed from his homecoming. 11/1/10 was the day he found his home in my heart once again. Today, 3/24/11 we remain in love after all of the dates and heartache and everything 2 years can hold in itself. I will never take him for granted. He found “love” elsewhere but after a while he came to realize that love never left. Love was always right there in the arms of the girl he first met January 2009. He’s back in my arms for the remainder of our lives. Carl, my love, my fiance, I will never leave you again. Don’t stray away from home. I love you. Center of my universe forever and infinity. Love, Marissa.

Submitted by Marissa

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We’ll see each other soon, promise.

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I believe in Dalai Lama. (Google him.)

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You were my first love, and now you’re just a person of my past. You taught me many things. You taught me how to be strong. You taught me how to love. You taught me how to hate. You taught me how to be independent. But most importantly of all, you taught me how to survive when the most important person walked out of my life, and it’s made me who I am today. I just hope you’re happy with your new her. Remember to smile, and have a nice life. I sincerely mean it. I don’t know if you and I will ever be the same again, friends or not. I just want you to be happy for the rest of your life.

Submitted by anon.

March 24 2011

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Is she or he a girl or a guy? Fuck, it’s Justin Bieber!


What do you call a guy with a rubber toe?

<!-- more -->


Lol, dumb jokes that are (not really) funny.

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An alien invasion? :O


I could surely use some oatmeal.

I keep getting these crap and figured that maybe I should take a break from Tumblr and see some other more working and not full of any of these downtime issues nice sites. I clicked that link below and dang, The Oatmeal is hilarious! So every time Tumblr gives us this crap, go have some oatmeal and check it out. ;)

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Misspelled occurrance. :|

Take the test at Oatmeal.


Can't forget to breathe slow.

Count from one to ten;
With my eyes closed.
‘Cause ladies take it in.
And get comp- oh oh oh ‘sure,
Before I lose it, get comp- oh oh oh ‘sure.

Calm down, you. Breathe, and get your shit together now. You’re not letting anyone ruin you just like that, right? You’re not that weak now.



Unfollowing everyone. Fixing something. I’ll follow you back as soon as I’m done with it. :)

*Unfollow too, if you want.

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